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Version: 3.1.53
Last Update: April 17th, 2019
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???? Awarded with Google’s ’Best Apps of the year’ prize! ????
NeuroNation - Your personalized brain training. Honored with the “LEONARDO”, the
supported by the Federal Ministry of Health and Ministry of Education and Research.
✓ 29 fun exercises and 7 tailored courses
✓ Deep insights into your personal strengths and potential
✓ Personalized and scientifically developed training
✓ Precise peer-group insights – know where you stand right now
✓ Engaging gameplay and frequent new exercises
✓ Stay Focused
✓ Sharpen Your Mind
✓ Improve Memory
✓ Think Faster
✓ Achieve Success
A team of neuroscientists from the
and training experts have been working on that topic for the last 7 years. They have been concerned with the question of whether the human brain and especially the working memory can be trained and strengthened.
After intensive research and development, we finally are happy to present the results: NeuroNation Brain Training Courses. It unites tailored exercises with an effective concept, which trains your brain as engaging as a game. The app provides an algorithmic “coach”, similar to a personal trainer at your gym: it recognizes your strengths and potentials and creates a personalized training plan accordingly to your specific needs.
and experience the results by yourself!
Brain Trainer + Memory Training & Brain Teasers to improve Focus, Logic, Memory
New => Dear NeuroNation users,

thank you very much for your feedback on the redesign of the app! We are currently focusing on increasing app stability and publishing the next exercise. With this update the app stability should be increased first.

Over the next weeks and months we’ll continue to improve the app. Please write us what you think:

[email protected]

Stay fit!

Your NeuroNation Team

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