Is it Love? Blue Swan Hospital - Choose your story

Is it Love? Blue Swan Hospital - Choose your story

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Version: 1.2.183
Last Update: January 8th, 2019
Requirement: 4.0.4 +




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*Discover a whole new medical drama universe 
*Like your favorite TV shows, new episodes (chapters) are released every two weeks.
*Is-it Love? Blue Swan Hospital is the new free interactive novel game of Is it Love collectionSynopsisYou’re a first-year resident in the emergency room of one of the most prestigious hospitals on the West Coast, the Blue Swan. You know this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and you can’t screw it up. Being part of the Swans is any young doctor’s dream come true.

As an aspiring doctor, you are prepared to deal with life-or-death consequences on a daily basis. Or are you? 
It’s going to be tough, your nerves will be wrecked and your supervisor will not make life easy for you. But you’ll meet friendly colleagues, each one with a different story and calling, with whom to build strong relationships. 
And you may even find love. It’s up to you to make the right choices...Why it’s great:❖ Be like one of your favorite medical drama TV shows characters
❖ Your choices influence how the story unfolds
❖ A visual novel game 100% in English ❖ You’ll handle emergencies, save lives and find love!The Staff:Jarod HardingER Attending Physician32 years old, singleFormer military doctorAn man of honorMike StoverFirst-year resident25 years old, singleWilliam SheffieldSecond-year resident25 years old, singleMai Lan DinhChief Resident (medical doctor)40 years old, divorcedSofia FloresNurse25 years old, singleCamilla CressetSecond-year resident26 years old, singleAdrian WalkerSurgeon35 years old, divorcedRichard R. ReynoldsChief of Emergency Medicine50 years old, marriedAndrea SteinmannPsychiatrist52 years old, marriedRoss "Bubble" BergmanParamedic34 years old, singleFollow us on:Facebook: https://www. facebook. com/Is. it. Love. Games. worldTwitter: https://twitter. com/isitlove_gamesGot questions or concerns?You can contact us by clicking Support from the menu. About us:Founded only a few years ago, 1492 Studio soon became a leader in interactive storytelling games with its "Is It Love?" franchise. The first two universes, Carter Corp and Mystery Spell, boasted dozens of million downloads.1492 Studio recently joined the Ubisoft family and is now rapidly expanding (new partners, new universes and new stories!).Ubisoft’s teams are driven by their desire to enrich the lives of players with original and unforgettable gaming experiences. They give life to amazing worlds, veritable playgrounds where players can unleash their imagination, enjoying surprising moments of fun and adventure that also help them discover themselves and learn.
Your choices, your story: Love, Romance and Drama in a medical universe!
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