Smooz Browser

Official Direct Download
Version: 1.23.0
Last Update: April 14th, 2019
Requirment: 4.4 +

How install this APK:

1- Download the APK from above
2- Install it and run
3- Enjoy !


Smooz offers a fresh and unique web browsing experience with its gesture-based navigation, tab manager, customizable gesture controls that trigger a multitude of functions.
Smooz was featured on more than 30 media articles in Japan including TechCrunch, Gizmode, Engadget etc.
●Smooth Tab Operation
Hold link to open it in a new tab. Swipe left and right to change tabs. Swipe up the Search Icon to close a tab.
●Gesture-Based Navigation
Gestures can be customized to activate numerous functions such as open bookmarks, activate private mode, close tab, translate page, and many more.
●Private Mode
Browse without leaving browsing/search history and cookies
●●Main Features●●
· Hold link to open in a new tab on the background
· Swipe left and right to switch tabs
· Check other users’ comments on the website you are visiting
· Private mode
· Quick access to visit favorite websites faster
· Pin tabs for quick and easy access
· Tab manager
· Close all the current tabs and organize tabs
· Gestures
●●Secondary Features●●
· Customize gestures to open bookmarks, activate private mode, close tab, translate page, and many more.
· Display keyboard and search page on launch
· Share websites from share button
· Open last browsed tabs when restarting Smooz
· Open webpages from other applications in Smooz
· Open URL copied from other application in Smooz
· Search engine options
· Search keywords on websites
· Translate page
· Save ID/Passwords
· Delete Browsing/Search histories
· Show, edit, copy and share URLs
· Chat based customer support
Nikkei MJ newspaper
Sankei News
Venture Times
● Inquiries or Reports
[email protected]
Smart browsing revolutionizes the fun of web search.
New => Ver. 1.22.4

●Fixed crash when opening a link in a new tab again

●Fixed crash when opening a link to send an email

Ver. 1.22.1


●"Pull-to-refresh" is now available!


●Tabs opened from pinned tabs could not be closed.

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